One of the oldest, most iconic Seattle Night Clubs is looking for successful promoters with a track history of bringing in large crowds.


The ultimate aim of the nightclub promoter is to draw a big crowd, create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in which people can enjoy themselves, and make money for themselves and the club. Successful promoters will hope to establish a name and reputation and offer regular events with a consistent and popular appeal, with the aim of attracting a loyal following.

  • Organizing publicity for events, including flyers and posters.
  • Distributing publicity materials.
  • Ensuring the smooth running of events on the night.
  • Providing V.I.P. lists.


No specific qualifications are needed to become a nightclub promoter, and even large-scale projects can be attempted with no formal or academic experience. However, track record is very important for freelance promoters, as we will want to see some evidence of reliability, trustworthiness and the ability to draw a crowd, before entering into a working relationship. With regards to contracted or full-time promoters, some qualifications showing business, financial and organizational skills would be an asset, if not a pre-requisite, although experience might be enough to secure a position.


Experience, reputation and track record are very important for a promoter. Building a name for an event and encouraging people to come is not easy without experience, and an unsuccessful night will not only lose money but will fail to draw crowds in the future. It is vital that promoters know how to maximize profit by establishing a network of connections, amongst DJs, club owners and promotions assistants. Knowing when and where to stage an event, what acts to book, what market to target and how to target it, are key skills that improve with experience. Creating a buzz around an event is made much easier once a successful night has been achieved, and helps to make it a lasting success.

If you feel you are qualified to be considered for this exciting position, please contact us immediately.